About askColleen

looking for a nut.

crazy for nuts.

Hello!  My name is Colleen.

Originally from Spokane, Washington, I currently reside in Boston (more specifically, Roslindale) with my husband, Jason.  I am an active Singer, Voice Teacher, & Health Coach.

I enjoy sharing life insight in hopes that it will connect people with their inner wisdom, improving the quality of their existence.  I welcome questions, and will continue to write whatever is important to me.

We humans are nuts.  Show me your nuts, I’ll share them with the squirrels.

With Love,


8 responses to “About askColleen

  1. Jonah

    Thanks for putting me on your Blogroll! xo, Jonah

  2. Rodney

    How did I stumble upon this jewel? So happy I did.

  3. Very cool site.

    Who is the very pretty model at the top of the page? Oh, it’s you Colleen. Wow!

  4. This is awesome, cuz. I’m excited to read all of your blog!

  5. Christine Bryant

    I think Oprah magazine would love this! I can relate to the internal tug of war. You are very talented.

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