Pack Light! – 4

Part 4 : Pack Light In Action

What I packed for my 3 ½ week trip to Europe in July:

Carry-on is still quite a lot of stuff!

1 jacket
1 sweater
1 black shrug
4 dressy shirts
1 black t-shirt
3 pairs of pants
2 dresses
1 belt
2 neck scarves
1 wrap
undergarments & 4 pr socks
3 nylon bags
1 purse with Capital One card (no fees), passport, phone
1 computer in bag
1 taupe pair of sandals
1 leather tan pair of loafers
1 black lightweight jacket
PJs – 1pr jersey shorts, 3 tank tops
3 travel books
1 umbrella
1 enormous tooth brush charger
1 pouch with electronic plugs, converter
1 pouch with make-up, razor, tweezers, nail clippers
1 pouch with liquid toiletries & detergent
Vitamins (CoQ10Ubiquinol, Multivitamin with enzymes), Green Powder
Trail mix & food bars

Packing it up:

Beginning to look like not much stuff!

Left – clothes for the day
Middle – hangers in bag & black jacket
Right – Nylon personal item w/ toiletries, purse, book, slippers
Bottom – Carry-on suitcase packed
w/computer on L
underwear & scarves in zip pouches
felt slippers
trail mix on R zipped

All packed up:

Carry-On Luggage Baby!

Me and my stuff after the no sleep 6+ hr flight.

I packed light!

It is so exciting to have just what I need and have the freedom of no checked luggage.  I hope you will try it!  If you have any questions, please contact me.  It would be so fun to hear form you. Let me know how it goes for your summer travel!

With Love,


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3 responses to “Pack Light! – 4

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  2. helene

    I will do this next time i travel! You are right that sometimes I feel that when I travel I should look at my best at all times for no sane reason. So silly. Thanks Colleen!

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