You ARE what you EAT!

Guess What? You really ARE what you EAT!

That’s right, what you eat matters!

Yes, like many of you, I used to not pay much attention to what I ate.  I figured that if I bought organic when I could, I was okay.  But, the crazy truth is that even boxed organic food can be absent of high quality nutrients.  Really, do you think organic microwave macaroni and cheese is healthy?

I know, none of us want to be preached to, so I’m not going to preach.  Instead, I challenge you to eat real food… as it looks in nature… for 30 days and see how you feel.

All of these food business short cuts that are now THE predominant source of our American caloric intake are NOT working.  What we have now is more heart disease and diabetes than ever before.  If we WANT to be in optimal heath, we HAVE to pay attention to what we put into our mouths.  Sorry to deliver the harsh truth, but the truth IT IS.

Agro-business thinks it has found the answers to fix mother nature right.  The seeds mother nature made aren’t quite right, so we’re going to change them… and convince each other that it’s better!  Pests be gone with pesticides!  Small cows, no problem, we’ll pump them with hormones! Yippee!

The truth is, our bodies don’t evolve that quickly.  These new ways of producing foods are NEW!  YET, we still thrive on AND require the foods that existed 200+ years ago (let’s try 1000 years ago).  New foods are making us sick…even if some of our seed scientists SAY that the NEW is better.  Tell that to your body, who is still living in the 1500’s.

Return to indigenous, earth made foods, and guaranteed, you’ll be healthier.

What does this mean?

Give yourself an oil change:  Return to natural fats such as Coconut Oil & butter. Avoid all man made trans fats (crisco, margarine & corn oil to name a few).  If you knew how partially hydrogenated fats were made, you would not eat them!    Also, include oils that do not require a machine press (remember, machines were only widely used beginning in the 20th century). For more reading follow this link, you will have to create a log in, it’s worth it.

So, what veggie oils are available to our bodies?

Those that don’t require agro-business machinery:  unrefined olive, peanut, almond, sesame.  Fat is essential to life. Make sure you eat fats that your body will recognize as food.  Olive does not do well under high heat, so do not cook with it.  Instead, the traditional fats such as butter, ghee, lard, tallow can be used for cooking.  Vegtables can be cooked simply with water and then fat such as olive oil or butter can be added at the end of cooking.  Meat is cooked very happily with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  Try it, you’ll love it.

Avoid: corn, safflower, canola, other polyunsaturated fats.  Your body has no idea what to do with the amount that we eat of these long chain fatty acids, that only exist in small amounts in nature.

Cook with: Virgin Coconut or Palm oil or animal fats such as Lard or Tallow.  Your body will know what these fats are and make good use of this fat (and the vitamins within the fat) as well as the cholesterol.

What about cholesterol and our worries about cholesterol and heart disease?

Unfortunately, we have been misinformed.  The science of nutrition is a fledgling science, meaning, we really don’t know that much.  Therefore, look at all new discoveries with skepticism.  What does your intuition tell you?  While we have been told to avoid saturated fats and instead replace them with vegetable oils, and even partially hydrogenated fats like margarine, or smart balance, our instance of heart disease has increased.  So, it calls us to question if the advice we have been given has been sound advice?

Consider that the information we receive always has economic repercussions.   When you hear *new* information, ask yourself: Whose money is involved in the dissemination of this information?

Before WWII most Americans cooked with saturated animal fat and coconut and palm oils, which were produced in tropical climate countries (one of which was, guess where, Japan!).  Now, considering that there was a war with Japan, could we really have our people relying on an everyday staple that was produced in Japan… such as coconut oil…NO!  So, what to do???  Find that SATURATED FATS are BAD for you!  That’s a good solution… in favor of oils that can be produced in northern climates.  Then take those northern climate oils, produced unnaturally, pressed with heavy machinery, and put them through an unnatural chemical process to make them behave like coconut oil (and other saturated fats), and voila, you have hydrogenated oil:  Highly processed vegetable oil that is artificially loaded with hydrogen and then bleached so that it doesn’t stink.   Then, tout it as “healthier” than, God given, coconut oil.  Meanwhile our bodies are saying as we eat, “what IS this foreign substance?”  AND…What is the result?  Well, it is what we have now:  increases in heart disease, obesity, depression, a.d.d., chronic fatigue, cancer, crooked teeth & cellulite! But, really, what do we expect when we think that we can do better than Mother Nature?

Use your intuition.  We know what is natural.  We know what is best for us.  Avoid foods that don’t look like food.  I know, the convenience foods are tempting, but remember, your body is a thousand + years behind.  Respect it.  My favorite check is the grandma/great grandma check:  Would my great grandma think this was food.  Yes?  Enjoy!  No? Avoid.

The most sound advice that we can all understand:  Return to eating foods that look like the way they were grown, and you will be healthier & happier!

Give it a try!  Every day that we put food to mouth is a new day for experiments!   Eat something and see how you feel. Nature gives us what we need throughout the seasons.  Ask nature what it is meant to give you now, and enjoy her abundance!

With love,


ps. I would love to help you change your health & your life today!
I offer free 30 minute consultations over the phone.  E-mail me to set up yours!  As my father, Larry says, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!”.  Let’s make it happen the way you envision, together!

xoxo -C


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