YOUR health is YOUR wealth!

Our health is our wealth – I love this – a simple truth.  When we are healthy we often take it for granted, expecting that it will always be there!  But just like everything that is important to us, our health takes OUR attention and care.

Our medical system is teaching us to compartmentalize our health issues instead of seeing the whole picture.  We are taught that disease must be cured with an expensive pill, that our depression and obesity are unrelated, and that the food we eat has nothing to do with our chronic illness.  In our lifetime, we have witnessed impressive medical advances while simultaneously individual health has declined.  Preventable conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, are not being prevented, and morbid obesity has become a childhood disease.   We are off balance and need to take a new look at how we approach our health.

Our body is infinitely intelligent and how wonderfully blessed we are to have it.  Our body doesn’t forget to breathe, our heart continues to beat, our cells communicate without our awareness, wounds heal, our immune system cleans.  It’s an incredibly intelligent system operating without our thinking mind.  How easily we forget to respect its intelligence.  How easily we allow our thinking mind to dominate this highly tuned super-computer. But this approach is simply the approach that we have been taught.  Since our birth we have been bombarded with mixed messages from the diet industry, the media, from medical associations, the USDA, and more.  We do low-fat then we do high protein. We wonder do we choose sugar or zero-calorie chemical sweetener, butter or margarine, which omega-3, which antioxidant.  We are told that food is bad or it’s good, then we make ourselves nuts with guilt if we “slip” or “over-indulge”.  We obsess… we brood…  we stress… we’ve been thinking so much about food that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our bodies.   It’s time to end this madness, and get back in touch with our common intelligence.

Do you get sick a lot or have trouble sleeping?  Are you feeling stressed out?  Have you been trying to lose weight but find that your weight loss cannot be sustained?  Do you struggle knowing what you should eat?  Do you want to be at peace with yourself, but don’t know where to begin?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, guess what, you are normal!  We all have been pushing ourselves to the breaking point.  We’re confused about our health and we’re exhausted!

But there is no need to lose hope.  You can attain your optimal health.  It is in your grasp.  It is likely that all you need is the proper encouragement, vision and guidance.  Everything you want for yourself is attainable.  But, what you haven’t had in the past, all of those other times you’ve tried, was one person in your corner who believes in you, encourages you and holds you accountable to yourself; who reminds you that you are worth it!  We are not meant to do everything alone.   If you are ready to commit to actively pursue your goal I would love to work with you to make sure that you succeed.  Together we can make your dreams become your realities.

To learn more about what working with me as your health coach will be like please visit my website.  Not in the Boston area?  No worries, I also work with clients over the phone and on skype.

I received my training to practice health counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  This program is so comprehensive and exciting.   If what I do sounds interesting to you, feel free ask me about it or visit the Integrative Nutrition website.  We are leading a movement toward a healthier America!

Much Love,

Colleen Palmer


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