I love ME!

It’s February.  A lovely, short, symmetrical month.  The holiday weekend commemorating the American presidents breaks the winter monotony as daylight continues to expand reminding us that spring is coming. Punxsutawney Phil lets us know how much more winter we can expect with a squint of his little rodent eyes as he looks for his shadow. 

Although February has many of it’s own virtues, we are all too aware or the domineering holiday which insists on upstaging all of the other lovely 27 days: St. Valentine’s Day. The local pharmacy decks it’s shelves in preparation with chocolates & hearts enticing us to literally BUY into the celebration, even if only to eat more Hershey’s kisses and chalky heart candy.  But for a holiday devoted to celebrating love, it seems to have intentionally excluded the un-matched, leaving many otherwise fabulous singles feeling quite forlorn.  It is as if not having a romantic partner for whom we could buy a sappy card expressing our ardent devotion means that we are less than complete.  We are led to feel that our uncommitted state is a problem or even more than a problem, a pitiable condition. Well, although I am now happily committed to the joys of couple-dom, being empathetic to a fault, I still feel the discomfort that this holiday causes so many of us. 

Well, let’s not dwell in the negative, it’s such an uncomfortable dwelling. I am a woman of action, so this year I offer this simple solution: let’s make Valentine’s Day about the one most important human relationship we will ever have in our entire life, our relationship with our self. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?  Have you given yourself a compliment, a pat on the back, a pep talk? 

 Love is in the air this February for ALL of us to breathe in.  Our love-dependent cells require it, so please, partake in it. Make this month a month devoted to loving and appreciating yourself.  It’s not something we are all taught to do, but just like practicing our instruments to improve our musicianship, we can also practice loving ourselves to improve our quality of being. There are a multitude of things that are absolutely delightful about you. Get to know them, enjoy them, share them.  You are fabulous, and it’s likely that you don’t even know how fabulous you are yet.  So take the plunge and commit to loving yourself this Valentine’s Day.     

With Love,



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One response to “I love ME!

  1. A beautiful post a month of loving oneself: )

    James Goddard
    Author of Freedom For a Day

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