CMH: Part 4 – Choosing

Continued from: College, Money & Hope – Part 1 College
Continued from: College, Money & Hope – Part 2 Money
Continued from:
College, Money & Hope – Part 3 Hope

Choosing the Right Path:
When we are at a crossroads in our life, trying to decide what to do next, we can sometimes be overwhelmed by the possibilities.  Keep in mind that  there are no perfect answers to life’s challenges; no perfect paths.  Try out the following exercise to get your creative juices flowing while getting in touch with your core self.  Allow yourself to answer these questions with a light touch.  No answer is wrong or right, just interesting.  Allow your imagination to bounce like a ball and see where it takes you.

These questions are a starting point.  They will help you begin to find your inner compass that will point you in the right direction.  Have fun with this.

  • What do I need to feel more fulfilled?
  • What do I want to improve in myself and my life?
  • What would I do with my time if I had all of the money I need?
  • What is my ideal work day?
  • What do I love?

As you consider your future path observe how you feel while answering questions like these.  Rate your feelings according to warm or cold, light or dark, excited or frustrated.  Keep in mind that sometimes a little feeling of fear or nerves can be a good sign indicating that the thoughts are significant – challenging – potentially rewarding.

Once you have a feeling for what will be your exciting next step, seek out people who have what you want and find out how they got there.  Share your dreams with others, and start doing something small everyday to set you on that path.  Seek career and life advice locally at schools you may be considering attending, or in the industry of your interest.  And lastly, as you move forward, be kind and patient with yourself.

Be courageous!

Much Love,

Choosing is part 4 of a series addressing this question:

How many ways can I utilize a degree in music? I am finishing my AA, and desperately want to get a BA in some kind of musical training.  I love to sing and perform but can’t decide if I should go for what I love, or what will “pay”? Please give me some hope!



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