When You Think of It, DO IT.

This one I learned from my Mom!

Most of the things that we procrastinate doing will take somewhere between 3 minutes and 1 hour to finish, yet we will spend double or triple that amount of time thinking about having to do it, instead of just doing it.

When you think of it, DO IT. Do yourself a favor.  If you have the 3 minutes it will take, just get-er-done.  Seriously, once you get in the habit of this your mind will become so free.  Free to be creative, free to enjoy the moment.

If, however, at THAT moment you cannot do it, WRITE IT DOWN.  My grandfather carries a small notebook in his shirt pocket, my mom keeps a list, I have a list on my blackberry… and sometimes on what I call “the master list“.  No matter what works for you, just write it down.  This will free up some mental energy that you’ve been devoting to trying to remember it.

But here’s the catch: when you have a free 3 minutes…say, during a commercial break, get out your list and do something on it.  This is the only way your mind will begin to trust you and stop obsessing about the lists of things you have to do.

Even if your task will take longer than 3 minutes, you can probably get started.  It’s okay to not finish it then, but once you’ve started you’ve got momentum on your side.  3 minutes spent is always better than zero.

With Love,

Tasks that CAN be done in 3 MINUTES:

Clean the toilet
Clean the sink
Put the dishes in the dishwasher
Sweep the floor
Pay one bill online & switch to on-line statements
Write two thank you notes
Call your brother (he doesn’t talk much anyway)
Call your grandma (she still thinks everyone pays by the minute)
Sew on a button
Water your plants
Vacuum your bedroom
Throw away rotten food from your fridge
Take out the trash
Answer e-mail
Go through junk mail
Start a load of laundry
Put away laundry
E-mail your Senator
Do 50 sit-ups
Do 50 leg lifts – both sides


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