This is for when you are REALLY OVERWHELMED by how much you need to/want to do with your day/week/month/life!

Okay, you have a million things on your mind.  Maybe you can’t sleep.  Maybe you’re feeling sick…but not really sick…just kind of sick.   Maybe you’ve got so much to do that you don’t want to start anything.

What you need is THE MASTER LIST!

I thought that THE MASTER LIST would totally and completely overwhelm me… but trust me on this one, it has complete opposite effect.

This will take about 15 minutes.  This may seem like a long time and you may think you don’t have it, but trust me, your brain is so comatose right now you are not going to be productive with those 15 minutes anyway.

Step 1: Paper & Pen

Step 2: Start writing down everything you want/need to do in absolutely no particular order.

Step 3: Pick one item and do a little of it.  Accept that some of the “have to”s will not be super fun to do AND some of the “want to” s totally freak you out, and then do a little of them anyway.

Step 4: Keep looking at THE MASTER LIST every day or three and keep doing a little more of it.  Try to mix up the “need to”s with the “want to”s.

Step 5: Keep crossing out with excitement as you finish.

Step 6:  Add to THE MASTER LIST whenever you have a nagging thought.

With Love,


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