Be Decisive.

This is for all of you who think long and hard about the most trivial of decisions such as: What shall i have for dinner? What time should i set my alarm for? Should I call my mom right now?

How to be Decisive: It’s simple.  Take a moment.  Think, Assess, Decide.

Usually your initial feeling about something is right.  So just go with it.  Most things in our lives are not life or death…Just simple, everyday decisions.  But if we take too long to mull things over we waste a lot of time and brain energy.

So, do yourself a favor.  Just decide.  If later you wish you made a different decision then, at that time, you can cut yourself a break and say “well at least I didn’t waste my time endlessly mulling it over”.  You’ll learn something and will be more likely to make a better decision next time.

Endlessly mulling it over, however, will undermine your confidence and inflate the importance of small, everyday decisions.  So, lighten up and decide.  Just try it.




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  1. Jason

    I’ve decided that you’re awsome!! Keep up the great work, Colleen. You’re a big inspiration to me and others!!


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