Nothing New Under the Sun

Why do we feel that if we don’t do something unusual or unknown that we are not special?

The issue really is how we choose to see our own existence.  For every human, it is our default to compare our lives and our accomplishments to others.  We’re always sizing ourselves up, and since we’re looking, we see that compared to someone else we fall short.  This natural tendency may have served to motivate people in the past, but now, living in the information age, it often serves to debilitate us.

With info blasting in our general direction for hours a day it is easy to see a multitude of individuals who are smarter, thinner, stronger, richer, more handsome, and more popular than we are.  Living within this information vortex we become too aware of all of the things we’re not; the things that we cannot do.  We get a “new” idea, and we’re super excited about it, and then our friend tells us that it’s already been done, she saw it on the internet.  We feel doomed before we even start.  We ask ourselves:

Why bother if someone already does it better?

While this may be a valid question, it’s not an interesting question.  It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to others; it’s a waste of time and energy.  When we see someone who is doing what we want to do, we can be happy for them…they are proof that it’s possible.  Anything is possible…even for us.

Instead of feeling badly that we’re not where someone else is…where we want to be, we can share our dreams with that someone and ask them how they got to where they are.  They may have been exactly where we are one year ago!

It is important to see that everyone who is somewhere we want to be spent time getting there.  They chose to DO something.  We too can chose to DO. What’s important is how we choose what we do.

Discover your own “why bother” that has nothing to do with anyone else.

Step One:
Acknowledge the voice that sees (nags about) the greatness around you.  This is your voice of excellence; you can harness its energy to assist you in reaching your dreams. Remember, there is room in the world for all greatness.  We need more than one person doing great things.

Step Two:
Bless the person that has what you don’t have.  They are proof that it’s possible.  Remember that we do not have to be great at everything, only the things that are most important to us.  If your passion is bikini modeling then great, spend 3 hours a day working on your body, but if your passion is needlepoint, please don’t waste your day exercising.  Do the most wonderful needlepoint you can do with your precious spare time.

Step Three:
Discover what ignites and excites you.  Imagine yourself being farther along.  Stay with your imagination and take time to experience the feeling of being there.  If the feeling is that of deep inner satisfaction and warm aliveness then you are on the right track.  If the feeling is more about what others think when they see your accomplishment then your reason for doing this may not have the sustaining quality that you will need to succeed.  The most motivational feelings are those that brighten and enliven us.

Step Four:
Do something now that will inch you toward where you want to be.  There will be a voice in your head that reminds you of how far you have to go.  Acknowledge it; it’s correct.  But if your motivation is in alignment with your inner self, you will find that you have the strength and perseverance to continue on this path.  You will find that you enjoy the process.  Thank yourself for doing what you can today. Be proud that you have made the decision to DO today.

Step Five:
Repeat Step Four later.  In time you will discover that what makes you special is that you have committed to living YOUR life.  A remarkable commitment!

There really may be nothing new under the sun, but I know that we can have a lot of fun doing whatever it is all over again!

With love,


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